A Guide To Measuring
For A Successful Fit


The person being measured should be in light-weight, fitted clothing. Sweatshirts and sweaters should be removed. For best results, the undergarments that will be worn for the concert should be worn during measuring, sports bras should be avoided. A soft cloth tape measure should be used. If a cloth tape measure is not available, use a string or ribbon and then measure the length of the string. Have the person stand straight and tall with their legs together. The tape measure should be held snug to the body.

If measuring a large group, it is best to have one or two people measure the whole group for consistency. There is a measurement record chart on the back of our order form. A pdf version can be found on-line at www.concertattire.com under the FORMS tab.


Measure around the body at the fullest part of the bust, keeping the tape measure parallel to the floor. The arms should be down by your sides.


With feet together, measure around the fullest part of the hip. Depending on the person’s height, this point is about 8 inches below the natural waist.


To find your natural waist, do a standing side bend and put a finger where your torso creases. This should be about 1 inch above your belly button and the thinnest part of your torso. Measure around the body at this point, keeping the tape measure parallel to the floor.


Measure the full standing height, floor to top of head. Floor length hems are highly individual. Floor length gowns ship un-hemmed. Our gowns are designed to be long enough for women 6 feet and under. Please let us know if you are over 6 feet tall. A height measurement is necessary if you are interested in any of our youth garments. Youth size charts also have a maximum height. Please note the maximum height when ordering.


This measurement is only necessary if you are ordering a collared dress shirt. Using the soft cloth tape measure, measure around the neck, putting 2 fingers under the tape measure for added space.


Only required if you are ordering shoes.


How to determine if you need an adult size or youth size – Our youth garments are designed for a child’s straighter body. Our adults size range is designed for a women’s shaped body. Our youth dresses are only suited for children 5’4”, with a maximum bust of 33”. If the young lady is in transition from child to adult, consider the amount of time your child will be needing to wear this garment. If you need more assistance, please call the office.

If your measurements put you in different sizes – The bust and waist are the most important measurements to follow. You will need to pick the larger size of the two. On most of our A line dresses, there is an extra 4 inches of room in the hip. Height is very important on the youth sizes. Go up one size if the height exceeds the body size.


Measuring your group is making you crazy? Here are some helpful tips.

To measure a guy, please start with the height and weight, and record it on our chart. The person being measured should be wearing as few layers as possible. A Tee shirt is best.


Measure around the neck, loose enough to fit 2 fingers under the tape measure.


Point to your belly button. Measure around the torso at the belly button. Keep the tape measure snug to the body and parallel to the floor.


Measure around the widest part of the torso, under the arms. Keep the tape measure snug to the body and parallel to the floor.


Measure from the center of the back of the neck, across the shoulder and down to the wrist bone. You can also reference our size chart G for a sleeve length suggestion based on height.

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