King Rack
King Rack
King Rack Transport up to 37 uniforms with ease. Weights 95lbs. Holds up to 800lbs.72" L x 24" W x 56" H
Z Uniform Rack
Z Uniform Rack "Z" Style Uniform Storage Rack:63" L x 23" W x 67" H High quality durable powder-coated finish. Holds up to 500lbs.

Band Uniform Racks

Band uniform racks are used for holding and organizing the band uniforms of musicians. They come in many different styles, and not all of them have the same size, shape, and number of slots. The band uniform rack made of steel is a sturdy and durable option. The smooth finish of the metal rack provides an attractive appearance during performances that raise the profile of your students while making you look good.

The steel band uniform racks come in a variety of shapes and sizes. There is usually one main post with many different holders attached to create the amount of storage needed. Some of them have curved sections while others have straight, rectangular tubes for holding instruments. The holders are usually attached with heavy duty screws, so you can take the instruments off for cleaning or adjusting.

You can get a band uniform rack that has hanging slots, one that sits on the countertop or floor, and even one that has wheels for portability. The wheels roll easily on just about any surface, so you don't have to take up floor space while storing the instruments in the band room. Some of the metal racks with slots on it can also be used in other areas besides the band room. Some band uniform racks are galvanized to protect the metal from rust. You want to make sure any of these racks are kept in an area that has adequate ventilation to keep the air circulating so they don't rust.

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