• I have budget to spend but don’t know what to order since I don’t know how big my group will be next year and I don’t know what their sizes will be.
    There are so many items to order that don’t require sizing. Think about: Garment Bags, Jewelry, Shoes, Robes, Ties, Vests, Sashes, Cummerbunds, Bowties, etc.
  • We need to spend our budget now and show proof of delivery.
    Let our Concierge help you guesstimate an ideal size mix of your school’s chosen style(s). Sizes can be exchanged next school year when you have your new students back in class.
  • I don’t have anywhere to store an order over the summer.
    This isn’t a problem. Place your order now and we’ll delay delivery for the beginning of your school year.
  • I have budget that I need to spend now, but we don’t really “need” anything right now.
    Consider purchasing a gift card from Cousin's that will never expire.
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