What to Wear For a Successful
Music Performance?

What to Wear For a Successful Music Performance?

The practice of "dressing the part" for a successful career has been seen and studied extensively. There have been innumerable investigations into the correlation between how you dress and how others see you, particularly in the form of an initial impression. Dressing the part, however, is about more than just image for musicians. Depending on how you feel, the clothes you wear might either help or hinder your performance. Success in the performing arts requires a specific set of clothes rules to be followed.

If you’re wondering what to wear for a successful music performance, keep reading and learn the details on what to consider and how to wear it.

What Should You Consider When Choosing Your Concert Attire?

The clothes you wear greatly influence your state of mind and how your audience responds to your work. Consider the following factors when choosing concert attire:

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Music Program

Think about the game you're now playing. How many tracks are now being played? What does the show ultimately focus on? Dress for a concert in a way that fits in with the performance's overall tone and vibe.

Purpose of the Performance

Will you be using this performance for a recital, audition, or competition? Wearing bright colors might help you stand out from the crowd when auditioning or competing. Get dressed up a little bit more than you normally would. A memorable impression on the judges can be made with a powerful performance and creative concert clothing.

Follow Dress Code Guidelines

Make sure to inquire about the show's dress code when you're being considered for a role. Your gig, bandleader, party organizer, client, music director, or other key people can advise you on this. Even if the only advice you're given is to "simply look good," you'll still get props for asking about the dress code in a businesslike manner.

Be Neat

Concert attire should be lightweight and easy to transport if you're going on the road to perform. The outfit should also be wrinkle-resistant and as neat as possible.

Dress To Impress

Dress appropriately for the event, but don't be afraid to make a statement by stepping outside the norm once in a while. Learn to recognize the contexts when following dress rules, like when it is mandatory, and those where doing so is optional.

What Should Influence Your Concert Attire?

When thinking about your concert attire, think about the next essential points to maximize the comfort in what you wear to a successful music performance:


It requires a lot of energy and physical activity to put on a good live show. The stress of performing, the bright lights on stage, the length of the event, and even the weather can all raise a performer's core temperature, so consider wearing appropriate clothing for your possible temperature changes.

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Make sure that your concert dress is the correct size. Is your dress squeezing you in the shoulders in any way? When you sit down, does it make you feel uncomfortable? Are you able to fully move your arms while wearing the attire? Before performing, you should make every effort to avoid wearing clothing that will cause you to feel uneasy.


If you have the option of selecting what you will wear during the performance, consider how it can go in accordance with the concept of the concert program or the piece. For example, if the work you are performing is supposed to conjure up images of "fire" and "energy," then your clothing should be full of vivid colors in order to convey that sense.

Tips For Choosing The Right Concert Attire For a Music Performance

Where will you be performing? Is it a large auditorium that will be air-conditioned in advance to prevent overheating when hundreds of people cram in? If so, dress warmly during soundcheck so that you don't miss a beat, then shed layers as necessary for your performance.

Are you planning on playing outside despite the forecast of wind and clouds this autumn? Wear warm clothing, so you aren't always shivering. (This may sound like simple wisdom, but there have been a lot of outdoor gigs when musicians showed up grossly under-dressed for freezing circumstances.)

Do you have a two-hour metal set scheduled for a summer event in the desert but no place to seek shelter from the sun? Avoid overheating by ditching the denim, vinyl, and leather in favor of something more performance-oriented.

These tips will help you choose the right attire, so you won't have to face any discomfort.

How To Avoid Attire Malfunctions During a Music Performance

The following are basics to avoid any attire malfunctions during a music performance:

Avoid New Items

You wouldn’t use new tennis shoes for hiking for two or three hours, right? Your feet might hurt. This applies to music performances as well. Any new shoes or new fabrics that you’re not used to should be avoided in your concert attire.

Favor Fitted Clothes Instead of Loose, Flowing Attires

Wear comfortable, temperature-appropriate clothing that won't get in the way of your playing freely, and take off anything that could potentially detract from your focus on the music.

Beyond that, consider what will put you in the ideal mental and emotional state to give a stellar performance.

Stay away from baggy clothes: Wearing bulky accessories like large lapels, wide collars, and long sleeves might be a hindrance to playing an instrument. Don't use this sort of clothing as stagewear.

Wear Comfortable Clothes

Don't wear tight shirts, pants, dresses, or anything else that restricts your breathing. This is especially true if you're a singer. No matter how wonderful it looks, go for comfort, unless you've practiced extensively wearing that very outfit and know how to deal with any physical limits in a high-stakes performance setting.

Complementing Concert Attires For Adults

Follow the next tips when complementing concert attires for adults:


If you have long hair, you should pull it back using hair ties that are pretty tight and keep it away from your face. Long hair increases the risk of injury when playing an instrument and distracts both the musician and the audience from the task at hand.

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Avoid hanging earrings. The wearing of delicate wedding rings and choker-length necklaces is permissible.


No matter what your function is in the performance, you shouldn't rock shoes that make it awkward to hit your kick pedal, your guitar's stompboxes, or to swagger around the stage while you belt out a tune.

Complementing Concert Attires For Kids

Follow the next tips when complementing concert attires for kids:


If your child has long hair, you should use hair ties to pull it back and away from their face to keep it out of the way. Long hair increases the risk of injury when playing an instrument and distracts both the musician and the audience from the task at hand.


It is best not to wear any accessories (stud earrings are acceptable). No bracelets or rings are allowed.


It is best not to allow children to wear shoes with a lot of heel, tennis shoes, or flip-flops.

Preparing Your Concert Attire With Professionals

Learn how to prepare for your performance at Concert Attire. Our experts will help you choose the right concert fit for you and teach you to prepare your outfit in the most comfortable way.

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