• The Importance of Choosing The Right Footwear For Performers

    What Are The Most Common Shoes For Music Performances? It is crucial that you feel physically comfortable when you are performing instruments, so it is important that you select clothing and shoes that are suited for the activity. It is also crucial for the performers to portray themselves visually in an appropriate manner. Table Of Contents What “Concert Black” Means What Makes a Good...
  • The History of Choir Robes, Gowns & Church Vestments

    History of Choir Robes Everyone at school and the workplace probably has worn a uniform at least once in their lives. Most uniforms or formal robes, gowns, and vestments have rich, deep histories that shape their current look. The church choir has its own set of clothing standards as well. Take a look at the gorgeous choir in their matching gowns and the priests...
  • What to Wear For a Successful Music Performance?

    What to Wear For a Successful Music Performance? The practice of "dressing the part" for a successful career has been seen and studied extensively. There have been innumerable investigations into the correlation between how you dress and how others see you, particularly in the form of an initial impression. Dressing the part, however, is about more than just image for musicians. Depending on how...
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