• Top 10 College Marching Bands to Watch in 2024

    Get ready to step onto the grand stage of college marching bands, where the field becomes a canvas, and the musicians become artists, weaving together melodies and choreography that will leave you breathless. We'll explore America's top ten college marching bands who are sure to dazzle in 2024 since they've been the stars of college performances for decades now. You'll witness the power of...
  • The Power of Color: How Uniforms Influence Marching Band Performance

    The Power of Color: How Uniforms Influence Marching Band Performance Plumes, shakos, marching band shoes, epaulets, and pom-poms are all essential accessories to a marching band uniform. Still, there's one factor that always should be number one in any performance on a practice field or football field. In the dynamic world of marching band performance, there is an often overlooked yet powerful element that...
  • Rehearsing in Style: Tips for a Successful Orchestra Dress Rehearsal

    Times are changing and even experienced orchestral performers are having to go through new checklists for dress rehearsals and the actual main performance. Whether it's for a classical music presentation for a prestige event, a more modern concert program, or a looser academic performance, we have compiled a list of tips for before, during, and after dress rehearsals for orchestras or any life live...
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